Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's Do the Math at the Cuyahoga Falls Library

Falls library official accused of stealing thousands one nickel at a time. (Akron Beacon-Journal, 6/27/2013)

First of all, that 7 million nickels.

How do you not implement some checks and balances after 2008?

Here is what's set forth in the article.
  • Theresa Karm, 54, is accused of embezzling nearly $350,000 from the Cuyahoga Falls Library.
  • She was hired by the library in 1996 as financial secretary, at a annual salary of around $18,000.
  • She was fired as the library's "deputy fiscal officer" about three months ago, at which time her salary was $41.711.
  • The library collected $36,778 in fines in 2005, at which point it plummeted to $11.257 in 2011.
  • The thefts go back at least to 2007.

So that got me to wondering.

$350,000 divided by 6 (years) equals $58,333

Apparently, Karm had her fingers in more than one till, so to speak, as she is accused of theft in office for stealing money from the library for such things as overdue books or printer costs paid by patrons.

Hmm....maybe the Friends of the Library want to audit their books.

City of Cuyahoga Falls Police Department news release on Facebook.

Hope the library doesn't have to pass a levy anytime soon.

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