Friday, December 2, 2011

Scott Township Commissioners: Too Much Time on Their Hands?

Uncertainty surrounds proposed budget in Scott. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/1/2011)

Excerpt: Though the 2012 budget is scheduled to be adopted Dec. 27, Commissioner Craig Stephens said the spending plan could be reopened because 2011 was an election year. A new budget would have to be adopted by Feb. 15.

Also uncertain is how long the Scott Township Public Library will continue to use the public meeting room for its popular children's programs.

Officials sparred last week with library representatives and supporters over use of the room, which is adjacent to the library in the municipal building.

Though the commissioners voted to partition off a 10-by-24-foot section of the tax office, it wasn't specified whether that area would be for library use. The projected cost for the work is $4,000.

Township officials have complained in recent weeks that library programs often leave the meeting room messy, a complaint the library denies. One of the complaints was about animal feathers that were found in the room after a recent library program.

"That room is not locked or secure," said library director Janet Forton after the meeting. "I'm always turning the lights off. People use that room throughout the day, including people waiting for the magistrate."

"[Some officials] don't want to recognize that it's an open public space," she added

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