Friday, November 25, 2011

Pettiness Alert: Scott Township PA Officials Distraught Over "the Presence of Feathers" in Commissioners' Meeting Room

Scott officials, library at odds over meeting room. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/23/2011)

Excerpt: The popular children's programs at the Scott Township Public Library will continue as usual for now.

Library directors and township officials agreed on Tuesday to meet again to discuss the library's continued long-term use of the commissioners' meeting room at the Scott Municipal Building on Lindsay Road.

However, officials were adamant that there are to be no crafts, animals or food in the room, which sits next to the library. Instead, they want the library to use a 20- by 14-foot section of the tax office storeroom or the community room at Scott Park for the kids' activities.

That didn't sit well with officials from the library, which operates more than 50 programs for children. They contend the former tax office space would be insufficient and that the area at the park is too far removed from the library.

Specifically, complaints were made about the cleanliness of the carpet, a stain on a cloth-covered chair, and the presence of feathers, officials indicated

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JB Forton, Director of Scott Township Public Library said...

Amazingly true.

If the township representatives had only taken a moment and talked to library personnel when they were considering the new room scenario all of this attention could have been avoided and we could all be doing our jobs of serving our community.