Thursday, August 10, 2017

John David Pirillo (1946-2017) Warren Area High School class of 1964

1964 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Pirillo avid emp Sylvania r831 W 5th av
  • Pirillo Kathleen P (wid Nick A) r831 W 5th av
  • Pirillo Rose (wid Chas) dept mgr Wards h931 W 5th av
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Pirillo J David sports editor Warren Times Observer h3 Adams Ct
  • Pirillo Kathleen P Mrs emp N P h826 1/1 W 5th Av
  • Pirillo Rose M Mrs retd r831 W 5th Av 

The popularity of David as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Nikki.

Nikki made big headway during the 1960s and into the early 1970s, peaking at #173 in 1972, after which she tread water for 22 years before plummeting out of sight after 2005.
Other members of the class of 1964:
Dwight Drum, (8/1/2016)
David Holmberg.  (8/3/2015)
Susen Johnson Gebhardt.  (6/20/2015)
Delores Brady Geer.  (1/25/2015)
Judith McCool Madigan.  (1/26/2015)
Julia Barhight Verdot.  (9/5/2014)
Charles Lyon.  (1/12/2014)

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