Monday, June 19, 2017

UPDATE. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke ends up in the Homeland Security circular file

Reported in Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he withdrew from Homeland Security post.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/18/2017)

6/17/2017 update, "The well-deserved humiliation of David Clarke", starts here.

Reported in A month after announcing Homeland appointment, Sheriff David Clarke remains in Milwaukee.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/16/2017)

5/18/2017 update, "The two most recent employees in the job David Clarke is allegedly taking think he's a dick (in so many words)", starts here.

The first of a long series of tweets about Clarke.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he's taking job in Department of Homeland Security.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/2017)

Then there's this op-ed piece in the Washington Post by Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

 Original 4/30/2017 post, "It's the perfect job description for David Clarke:  Talk, talk, talk", starts here.

White House considers Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for post in Homeland Security.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/28/2017)
Clarke is to be appointed as assistant secretary at the department's Office of Partnership and Engagement where he would coordinate outreach to state and local law enforcement agencies, Politico, an online news company, reported Friday. The position of assistant secretary does not require Senate confirmation.

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