Saturday, December 12, 2015

Scott Walker shows us how to deflect (Taking no responsibility, chapter 2)

Merriam-Webster (highlight added)

As quoted in Scott Walker: DOC reviewing safety at all prisons in wake of criminal investigation at youth prison.  (, 12/11/2015)

Deflecting us from these headlines

Not that Walker's statement is completely without merit.  (As it applies to everyone's safety.)

Ray Decker, a retired teacher at Lincoln Hills, said the institution had become increasingly chaotic over the past several years. 
"In the last year, two years, I did have some fear that I would have a student or a group of students come after me," said Decker, who added that management gave little support, even creating a hostile working environment. "It created an atmosphere of fear. Fear for everybody there."   [emphasis added]
However, Scott Walker has yet to address or even acknowledge any specific concerns about the management of Lincoln Hills.  In fact, he has stated that the facility is now safe "in terms of personnel and policy changes."  Sounds like a management statement of support to me.

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