Monday, August 15, 2016

UPDATE: Trump continues to reinforce Liz Mair characterization as loudmouthed dick

The loudmouthed dick
At this point in time, 25 of 37 statements fact-checked by WaPo were awarded 4 Pinocchios.  But, astonishingly, television hosts rarely challenge Trump when he makes a claim that already has been found to be false. For instance, Trump says he was against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but research by BuzzFeed found that he did express support for an attack. He said the White House even sent a delegation to tell him to tone down his statements —and we found that also to be false.
33 of 52 by July 15.

The airing of grievances

8/5/2016 update, "Liz Mair, briefly employed strategist for Scott Walker's presidential campaign, calls Trump 'loudmouthed dick'" starts here.

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Quoted in GOP strategist calls Donald Trump a 'loudmouthed dick' on live TV.  (Death and Taxes, 8/5/2016)

The original 9/22/2015 post, The tweeting life of Liz Mair", starts here.

Immediately after the announcement, Liz Mair, a digital strategist for Walker's bid who was fired for tweeting negatively about Iowa, began spouting her thoughts about why Walker's campaign failed to attract enough money and momentum to keep it afloat.

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