Friday, December 19, 2014

Library Advocacy Headline of the Day

The 5 contenders for 2 seats:
  • Christian Barcelona.  The Internet policy dispute made him do it.  ("The library is a place where children come to learn, and I don't think there should be any chance they'd be exposed to adult material.") 
  • Charles Jason Kaple.  "It's a very emotional issue that needs to be looked at rationally.  I'm a very strong believer in First Amendment rights, but whether that means they did all they could to prevent the things we all want to prevent, I'd need more information."
  • Salvatore LoMonaco.  "Orland Park is a community that's very family-oriented, and I want to see it stay that way.  But I want to see what the issues really are, what solutions they explored and see if perhaps I can give some common-sense ideas."  (Retiring Guy notes that he's frequently seen that underlined adjective of late.)
  • Joanna Leafblad.  (Not quoted.)
  • Joshua Rogers.  (Not quoted.)

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