Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shocking Pew Research Discovery: "Younger Americans" Still Read Print Books!!

"Younger Americans" are those 16 to 29 years of age for the purposes of Pew's research.

Younger Americans’ Library Habits and Expectations.  (June 25, 2013)

Probably won't hurt to insert "Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies" here.

The importance of library space needs planning:

Additionally, younger patrons are significantly more likely than older library visitors to use the library as a space to sit and ready, study, or consume media—some 60% of younger library patrons have done that in the past 12 months, compared with 45% of those ages 30 and older. And most younger Americans say that libraries should have completely separate locations or spaces for different services, such as children’s services, computer labs, reading spaces, and meeting rooms: 57% agree that libraries should “definitely” do this.

Along those lines, patrons and librarians in our focus groups often identified teen hangout spaces as especially important to keep separate from the main reading or lounge areas, not only to reduce noise and interruptions for other patrons, but also to give younger patrons a sense of independence and ownership.

Speaking of teen spaces, I was particularly impressed with what I saw a few years ago at the Waupaca Area Public Library.  (Photos taken by Retiring Guy in May 2010.)

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