Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Hardworking Wisconsin Families" Really Get Around

June 11, 2013.  Scott Walker news release.
"Hardworking Wisconsin families should be able to keep more of the money they earn...."

June 7, 2013.  American for Prosperity--Wisconsin
Speaker Vos and Rep. Kooyenga discuss the budget package passed by the Joint Fiance Committee. With their work on the income tax package, UW tuition freeze and UI reform, tax and fee collections will be down nearly $1 billion. This is money that will stay in the pockets of hardworking Wisconsin families and small businesses.

Janaury 21, 2013.  Via @WXOW.
Tammy excited to fight for hardworking Wisconsin families, no matter where they live

October 24, 2012.  (Date when webpage was last updated.)  Wisconsin Family Action.
Taxes. We support decreasing the tax burden faced by hardworking Wisconsin families.

February 11,  2011.  Brownfield:  Ag News for America.
It will help schools, hospitals, and restaurants serve more local food. And it will create needed jobs for hardworking Wisconsin families.

2010.  Stop the Train.
That leaves hardworking Wisconsin families to pick up the other 80% through higher taxes and fees. 

February 2009.  DOA Local Government Report.
The recovery package will create or save 70,000 jobs in Wisconsin and more than 2.2 million hardworking Wisconsin families will receive tax credits.

October 19, 2007.  Eye on Oshkosh.  (Quoting Governor Doyle, who used this phrase extensively)
This has been a difficult process for all of us, but today Democrats and Republicans begin anew, ready to move this state forward, and ready to create opportunity for hardworking Wisconsin families.”

November 8, 2005.   Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Green Calls for Harsher Budget Cuts for Hardworking Wisconsin Families 

October 13, 2004.  WISBUSINESS press release.
COWS: Many Hardworking Wisconsin Families Hardly Getting by.

After awhile, it sounds patronizing no matter who sez it.

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