Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama Derangement Syndrome: The Mitch McConnell Edition

Management Flaws at I.R.S. Cited in Tea Party Scrutiny.  (The New York Times, 5/14/2013)

From the same mouth that gave us this.

It became something of a tag line for him, complete with smirk.

The Real IRS Scandal.  . (The New Yorker, 5/14/2013)

Excerpt (with bullet points and bold added):   It’s important to review why the Tea Party groups were petitioning the I.R.S. anyway. They were seeking approval to operate under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. This would require them to be “social welfare,” not political, operations. 

There are significant advantages to being a 501(c)(4). 
  • These groups don’t pay taxes
  • they don’t have to disclose their donors—unlike traditional political organizations, such as political-action committees. 
In return for the tax advantage and the secrecy, the 501(c)(4) organizations must refrain from traditional partisan political activity, like endorsing candidates.

Oh, what's this?

Excerpt:    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell picked up an endorsement Tuesday from a national tea party group, continuing his courtship of groups advocating limited government as the Republican tries to head off a primary challenge as he seeks a sixth term next year. 

The endorsement from comes as McConnell rakes in campaign cash and airs television ads while Democrats look for a challenger to the longest-serving senator in Kentucky history. 

Hope they're not a 501(c)(4).

From 2011.  All in the name of social welfare.

Tea Party Inc.  A 3-part series from Mother Jones, published in 2011.

Perhaps the special attention was justified.

Expect more "can't-see-the-forest-for-the-trees" reporting on this developing story.

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