Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scott Walker Does His Masters' Bidding

Excerpt:  Walker has been an outspoken opponent of the health care overhaul law, and Wednesday’s announcement was in line with his previous decision not to create a state-run marketplace for insurance providers, instead letting the federal government do it.

Obama Care Facts.  One Koch Brothers backed group 'American's for Prosperity' (AFP), a political advocacy group called "one of the most powerful conservative organizations in electoral politics", Is on the attack against ObamaCare. 

Since 2009 AFP have called ObamaCare, "a government takeover of the United States health care system." Instead of targeting ObamaCare as a whole, AFP and other Koch Brothers backed groups, aim to take it down one piece at a time using big money and shady tactics. 

The tactic of the day: Force states that accept Koch Brothers money to reject setting up a state run health insurance exchange.

Crunch Time for Recall Volunteers.  (CNN, 6/4/2012)

Excerpt:  Tim Phillips is president of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group built around many of the same principles as the tea party. They've pumped more than $10 million into Wisconsin touting Walker's policies. Phillips agrees there are larger implications at stake.

Koch Brothers groom their pet.

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