Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rockford Public Library: Branch Closures Off the Table

Link to October 20 Rockford Register-Star article, "Rockford Public Library plan no longer includes branch closures".

Excerpt Plans to potentially shutter two Rockford Public Library branches are off the table as library officials reconsider how to best stretch limited dollars to serve customers in the coming years.

The city’s library board hopes to soon approve a strategic plan to guide its decisions through 2015. The 22-page plan has been trimmed to nine pages, with many of the key initiatives taken out, since a draft of the plan was introduced last month.

No longer is the library suggesting the closure of the Rock River branch, branch closures or ideas of becoming a library district. Gone are talks of video games and moving to a bar code-based or RFID system.

The draft has been trimmed down from 22 pages to nine pages, the number of detailed goals has gone from 19 to 10 and a target date of 2012 has been replaced with 2015

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