Friday, January 8, 2010

Rockford Public Library Staggers into 2010

Link to January 8 Rockford Register-Star article, "Big changes for Rockford libraries".

Excerpt: The Rockford Public Library will undergo a massive change in operating hours and staffing levels next week as it embarks on a new world of providing services in a tough economy.

All six library branches will close Thursday to implement the changes and reopen on staggered dates from Friday to Jan. 18.

Starting Jan. 18, weekly library hours will be reduced from 312 to 225. Hours of operation at all branches, except the Rock River branch on 11th Street, will be cut. The library’s newest branch, the East Branch on East State Street, will be open 45 hours a week during the school year as opposed to 76. The library’s main branch on Wyman Street will go from 65 hours a week to 40.

And hours at the Lewis Lemon branch will be cut in half.

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