Friday, October 8, 2010

Sussex-Lisbon Library Negotiations to Continue after Information-Gathering Process

Town of Lisbon (Waukesha County) in green

Link to October 5 Sussex Sun article, "Pauline Haass library budget approved. Negotiations on operating agreement delayed".

Excerpt: While elected officials in the Village of Sussex and Town of Lisbon have reached agreement on the 2011 budget for the Pauline Haass Library, negotiations between the two communities over a long-term operating agreement for the library may be delayed and possibly steered in a new direction.

Sussex Village President Tony Lapcinski has asked village staff to research the use of village services, such as park and recreation programs and police and fire services by Sussex and Lisbon residents.

Lapcinski told a meeting of the library, village and town boards last week that he did not want to schedule negotiations about the operating agreement between the village and town boards until Village Administrator Jeremy Smith could complete the research.

Incorporating information on related to the use of other municipal services into the negotiations about the library agreement appears to contradict earlier statements by the village president.

Last month, Lapcinski said the library agreement, which expires in 2014, should be negotiated separately from other issues being discussed by town and village officials

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