Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will Annexation Resolution Interfere with Negotiations Over Joint Library Agreement?

Link to August 3 Sussex Sun article, "Library next issue for Lisbon-Sussex.  Annexation resolution raises tensions between village, town".

Excerpt: The President of the Pauline Haass Library Board is optimistic that growing tensions between elected officials in the Town of Lisbon and the Village of Sussex over an annexation resolution adopted last week by the village board will not interfere with negotiations over a new joint library agreement expected to begin later this month.

Emil Glodoski said elected officials in both communities "take great pride in the fact that the library serves both communities and they take pride in fact that they had been able to work together on the library which they see as 'the crown jewel' of the two communities."

"There has been a history of differences between the boards in the two communities but when it comes to the library they have somehow always been able to work together," he concluded

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