Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cherry Valley Public Library Keeps on Truckin'

Link to August 19 Rockford Register-Star article, "Economy making it hard for Cherry Valley library to grow".

Excerpt: The Cherry Valley Public Library posted another year with record usage as it continues to wait for the chance to expand its building.

The economy is the source of increased use and the culprit that keeps expansion unaffordable, said Eve Kirk, library director.

“When the economy is low, people look for ways to economize and library use goes way up,” she said. “How do we balance this? We just keep going. We just keep finding ways to make room.”

Library usage in Cherry Valley has grown each year for more than a decade. The number of people to pass through the library grew an additional 1.5 percent last year, up to 111,931 visits. It had a nearly 28 percent increase in attendance to library programs. There also was a 2 percent increase in total circulation and more than 950 new library cards. The Library District’s population is estimated at around 20,000 people.

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