Thursday, December 9, 2021

UPDATE: Brown County Wisconsin is on fire with the virus!

In Brown County, the number of reported new cases in the past week increased 38% from the previous week.

Fifty-six percent of Wisconsin residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, allowing the virus to continue to spread quickly. As more of a population gets vaccinated, fewer chances exist for a virus to spread and mutate. "I get it — we've already returned to a relatively normal life already but that said, (if) we truly care about our neighbors and the fact that hospitals — and the Green Bay area is a good example — are reaching their limit and have no place to go or check people, it's time to do the right thing and that is to get vaccinated," Evers said.


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During the first four days of the reporting period, Brown County has already exceeded its previous week's total of new Covid cases by 168.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

"This wouldn't happen if we had those beds and the staff available to take care of them without being occupied by COVID patients," said Dr. Ashok Rai, CEO and president of Prevea Health. [emphasis added]
His comments came during a Wisconsin Department of Health Services media briefing organized to address the state's COVID-19 response, vaccine booster doses and hospital capacity. The topic of omicron — and the limits about what's known about the latest variant of the virus — loomed over the event while the delta variant's reign continues to overwhelm hospitals.

59% of all Brown County residents are fully vaccinated compared to 60% statewide. 

New York Times (and below)

Brown County's 7-day average of new Covid cases is approaching the record it set on November 14, 2020.

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