Sunday, April 22, 2018

Self-storage units: Photos and facts

Evergreen Mini-Storage on North Pleasant View Road in Middleton
(All photos by Retiring Guy)

Self-storage units surge in Milwaukee because 'people don’t like to get rid of stuff',  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/18/2018)

Nationally, construction of self-storage units has quadrupled during the past 2 years, far and away above the pace of any other type of non-residential real estate.

Another view of the Middleton facility

 Not all of the growth in this real-estate niche is new construction.  Some of it involves reuse of vacant buildings.

Seybold Self Storage on Seybold Road in Madison
(A view from Woodman's parking lot fronting Watts Road)

Rentals prices for self-storage units vary by location.  In Milwaukee, a 10'x10' unit will run you anywhere from $60 to $161, according to research done by Journal Sentinel staff.

Another view from the Seybold Road side

Downsizing Baby Boomers who can't give up stuff is helping to fuel this construction boom.  

In our household, our older son rented a unit while living at home for 2 years after his college graduation.  We didn't want his stuff -- furniture, mostly -- cluttering up the garage.  Our only self-storage unit experience.

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