Monday, February 5, 2018

The thin-skinned Donald Trump needs to get himself a sense of humor

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State of the Union: A Feisty Obama, a Frosty GOP.   (TIME, 1/28/2010)
Like bored teenagers at a school assembly.  Inside the chamber, the GOP did away with the pranks and gimmicks they displayed the last time Obama addressed a joint session. Eschewing paper signs or rude interruptions, they seemed content to pass the time with the sort of cool confidence that accompanies a sense of ascendancy. House minority leader John Boehner, bronzed and cocky, kept making faces and spreading his hands in disbelief at Obama's applause lines.

A brief history of Congressional Ovation Coverage at the State of the Union.  (Washington Post, 1/28/2014)
We don’t know what President Obama will say in his State of the Union address tonight -- whether he’ll make one dad joke or two, or whether he’ll say the union is strong or "not good" -- or whether he will be wearing a blue suit while he says it -- but we do know there will be clapping. And we do know that reporters will spend much time analyzing how much each beat of applause and dash of silence means.

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