Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Danny Glover's Big Pharma payday

Though how much, Avanir, the maker of Neudexta, is unwilling to say.

How a Drug to Treat Crying Sent Sales Soaring.  (The New York Times, 5/12/2017)
But after marketing surveys found that only about one-third of potential patients and primary-care doctors who treat such patients knew about PBA, Avanir enlisted Mr. Glover’s celebrity firepower, said Lauren D’Angelo, the senior director of marketing for Avanir. The advertisement featuring Mr. Glover, who doesn’t have PBA*, appeared on cable and national news programs in 2015 and through the end of last year. Mr. Glover’s publicist said he didn’t have any comment on the
After the ad ran, a subsequent survey found that awareness among pri
 campaign. mary-care doctors rose to 72 percent, and to 52 percent among patients.
*Although the first words out of his mouth in this commercial are "I have PBA."

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