Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the old city center of Galway Ireland

The old city center of Galway, compact with numerous pedestrian-only narrow streets, is filled with restaurant, bars, a diversity is retail establishment, and a smattering of tourist attractions.  It's where we spent our Tuesday afternoon.  

JoAnna and I went off on our own, stopping first at the Quay Street Kitchen, a restaurant with an intriguingly dark, rambling interior.  I enjoyed the best deep-fried haddock since the heyday of Mr. Elmer's in Oshkosh.  The only thing missing were the potato pancakes that I've never found replicated anywhere else.  Unfortunately, Mr. Elmer's went out of business years ago and the building on U.S. 45 just south of the city was soon after razed.

With street musicians all up and down Quay Street, this area of Galway exudes the same kind of vibe as Asheville, North Carolina.  The US city has a much greater preponderance of t-shirt and souvenir shops. 

Not sure why pizza would be on anyone's mind in Galway.    

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