Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blowhard-in-charge UPDATE. Get ready for some major BS in tonight's State of the Union address (The Sinclair Broadcasting $1000 bonus edition)

Quoted in Trump's State of the Union address: Read the excerpts.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/30/2018)

Sinclair Broadcasting.  9,000 workers each receive a $1,000 bonus.  No more.

    9,000 Sinclair employees (coulda been more, as you'll see below)
+11,000 Am Fam employees
  20,000 TOTAL

Original 12/25/2017 post, "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bonus round at Sinclair Broadcasting, where big payoffs for execs and layoffs for workers are the norm", starts here.

2016 salary compensation info found at salary.com

Sinclair gives bonuses to employees after tax bill.  (Axios, 12/22/2017)
9,000 employees receive a 'special' $1,000 bonus.

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The job cuts, which include the TV station’s investigative reporting team, are believed to part of layoffs that KOMO’s owner, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, is instituting at its stations. 
Sinclair laying off employees, forbids managers from talking.  (TV News Talk, 10/22/2013)
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