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Scott Walker comfort zone GET ME REWRITE: Freedom to work? More like, freedom to be white

10/10/2018 update, "White students for Scott Walker", starts here.

9/28/2018 update, "Out governor hangs out with the overwhelmingly white, decidedly male-dominated GOP  Badgers", starts here.

See for yourself

College Republicans of UW-Madison

To the group's credit, there are 4 white men and 5 white women on the executive board.

8/19/2018 update starts here.

But it looks to be all white in WalkerWorld, not to mention older than average.

Source:  @ScottWalker

Think about it.  If Scott Walker has to campaign in West Bend, he definitely knows he's running behind Evers.

7/21/2018 update, "Only whites need apply, chapter 2", starts here.

7/9/2018 update, "Only whites need apply", starts here.

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4/17/2018 update, " Collage on black", starts here.

4/9/2018 update, "No women, no people of color", starts here.

3/28/2018 update, "Why our governor hangs out with white folks", starts here.

Wisconsin’s Low Unemployment Rate Hides a Stark Black-White Employment Gap.  (Wisconsin Budget Project Blog, 3/28/2018)
The rest of the story:  
Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has hit a record low and is being cited by state policymakers as evidence of Wisconsin’s strong economy. But although the unemployment rate for white workers is strikingly low, black workers in the state still face an unemployment rate higher than the rate experienced by white workers at the peak of the Great Recession. 

3/24/2018 update, " Standing with white people", starts here.

"Angry libruls" is Walker's latest silly meme.

3/15/2018 update, "At one particular Wisconsin college campus, the future of the Republican party is represented by 33 men and 3 women", starts here.

According to Retiring Guy's unofficial tally.

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2/13/2018 update, "Scott Walker covers his ears at hearing the phrase 'voter fatigue'", starts here.

Scroll down to the 12/6/2017 and 11/17/2017 updates and tell me if you see anything familiar.

4 ways Scott Walker could lose in 2018.  (Appleton Post Crescent, /11/8/2017)

    1.  Could the Foxconn deal backfire?
    2. How close is too close to Trump?
    3. It depends on the Democratic opponent.
    4. Walker fatigue

It's not just the 'far left' when your approval rating is underwater.

1/6/2018 update, "Promoting a skilled workforce in a mostly white classroom of 15 boys and 1 girl", starts here.

Related reading:
Men and Women at Work: Governor Walker Announces Workforce Agenda at Future Wisconsin Summit.  (Office of the Governor, 11/27/2017)

1/4/2018 update, "Do these white folks know that a drop in the unemployment rate since 2010 is a national trend?", starts here.

Sources:  2010, 2017

1/3/2018 update, "White kids with governor retrieved from photo archives", starts here.

12/27/2017 update starts here, "2017 in review, Wisconsin is open for business photo features a Make America Great America group of white students", starts here.

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12/11/2017 update, "Today's photo collage of our governor, desperate for a third term, hanging out exclusively with white people", starts here.

According to the latest U.S. population estimates, 81.7% of Wisconsin's 5,778,708 residents are white, compared to 61.3% nationwide, and Scott Walker is determined to include all 4,721,204 in a photo op between now and November 6. 2018.

12/8/2017 update

12/6/2017 update "Posing with another group of white people with campaign signs", starts here.

This could very well be an older photo, but it looks as though Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is going to be Scott's running mate again.

11/30/2017 update starts here.


Walker calls for ad campaign to attract workers to Wisconsin.  (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/2017)
Wisconsin's unemployment rate was 3.4 percent in October, down from a high of 9.2 percent in January 2010 as the state felt the impact of the Great Recession. Wisconsin's low unemployment, couple with an aging population, has exacerbated the problem of finding enough workers for available jobs. The state is projected to need 45,000 workers in seven years with shortages cutting across industries, including manufacturing, nursing, information technology and services.

Note how Walker neglected to mention this fact during the initial Foxconn hoopla.

11/28/2017 update, " Posing with a group of white people', starts here.

Yes, Scott, it's true, we can spend, but it's not with cash.

11/27/2017 update, "People named Klett have made 24 campaign contributions totaling $2850 to our current governor", starts here.

Meet Wisconsin Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett!

List of Kletts at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

11/16/2017 update, "Education photo op with white folks", starts here.

Context, please.

11/8/2017 update starts here.

1//6/2017 update, "Once again we find Scott Walker in his comfort zone:  Surrounded by white people", starts here.

Source:  @JessesForWI

You'll find another such photo here.  Wisconsin taxpayers lose out on millions after Gov. Scott Walker, lawmakers repeal anti-fraud law.  (Wisconsin Watch, 11/5/2017)

Original 9/21/2017 post, "Politicians on Twitter in their comfort zone:  Scott Walker makes some white people happy", starts here.

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