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UPDATE. The thread has snapped: The New Lakeshores Mall (or whatever the hell it's called) is now one of the deadest of dead malls

Bon-Ton identifies stores it plans to close, including 9 in Wisconsin.  (Herald-Times-Reporter, 1/31/2018)

 7/29/2017 update, "Younkers is still open for business at Manitowoc's other (not quite) dead mall", starts here.

Gotta think this department store's days are numbered. 

Original 5/2/2016 post, "Manitowoc's other (not quite) dead mall:  The New Lakeshore Mall", starts here.

The New Lakeshore Mall is visible in the center-right distance across the vast expanse of what was originally the Mid-Cities Mall, Manitowoc's first enclosed shopping center, which opened in 1968.

A view from near the intersection of Memorial Drive and East Reed Avenue.

All photos by Retiring Guy

In the late 1970s, somebody decided that Manitowoc needed a second mall, where Younker's still manages to do business.

To my surprise, I was able to access the building through the doors leading to the mall area.

I assume the Santa's Kids Gift Shop was most recently in operation last December.

Yes, it's, ahem, deflating times for retail in this area of Manitowoc.

A view in the other direction.  

PrangeWay was the Edgewater's other anchor from 1979 until 1996.

Mid-Cities Mall/Lakeview Center and Edgewater Plaza/Edgelake Plaza/The New Lakeshore Mall timeline

1967. (October 5). Montgomery Ward is first store in Mid-Cities Mall to open.

1968. Year of official opening. Retailers include Woolworth, Osco Drug, A&P, and J.C. Penney 

1979. Edgewater Plaza opens across East Magnolia Avenue from Mid-Cities Mall. Tenants include Prange, PrangeWay, and Sears catalog store.

1981. Interstate 43 opens just west of Manitowoc, which eventually changes the retail focus of the area. Around this time, a plan was considered to expand Mid-Cities Mall and link it to the Edgewater Plaza.

1984. Hardee's restaurant is appended to Mid-Cities mall next to Penney's.

1980s: The inline composition of Mid-Cities Mall shifts from predominantly national chains to local stores with some nationally-known semi-anchors. Montgomery Ward closes its store in the mid-1980s.

Late 1980s: Mid-Cities Mall is renamed "Lakeview Centre"

1990: Wal-Mart opens a store near the I-43/Washington Street interchange 4 miles west of downtown Manitowoc

Early 1990s: Stangel's Super Valu closes at the Lakeview Centre mall, leaving the supermarket space empty.

1993: The Edgewater Sears catalog closes. Woolworth closes its Lakeview Centre store. The former Wards store, empty for nearly a decade is briefly reoccupied by a local business, which quickly moves elsewhere.

1990s: 'Inline' stores flee Lakeview Centre.

1996. PrangeWay store closes and still remains empty.  Hardee's closes its location at the Lakeview Centre mall.

1998:. Osco Drug closes its mall store and relocates to a new standalone building nearby -- across East Reed Street.

2000. JCPenney become last tenant standing at Lakeview Centre.

Early 2000s: The Edgewater Plaza is painted beige and renamed the Edgelake Plaza, to little effect. 

2007. The former Edgewater Plaza changes ownership and receives its second name change in the process:  "The New Lakeshore Mall."

2011. Penney's closes, leaving the Lakeview Centre abandoned.

2015. Lakeview Centre razed.

2016. The New Lakeshore Mall hangs on by a thread.

Primary source for timeline

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