Sunday, March 13, 2016

In coal country: The population and racial demographics of Harrison County Ohio

Incorporated in 1813, Harrison County reached its population peak in 1830.

Source:  Wikipedia (above and below)

In a Corner of Ohio, Lessons of 2016, by Selena Zito.  (Real Clear Politics, 3/13/2016)
Harrison County is located in coal country.  “What I guess most frustrates me about politicians is that they don't understand that, for me and most people that I know, work is part of our culture. When they continue to make it harder for us to find ways to work, we eventually hit a boiling point,” Biddlestone said, trying to explain Donald Trump's appeal with regular voters. 
“We don't fit in with Washington. We have done absolutely everything that we were supposed to do all of our lives and our values are looked at as backwards. Our homes are worth less than we paid for them and there is no great replacement for the jobs we are skilled to perform.”

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