Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clash UPDATE. Feingold, Johnson rock the casbah, just like they did in 2010

10/10/2016 update, "Rocking the cashbah in La Crosse", starts here.

But Shilling looks far more formidable than she was in 2011. She has served on the Legislature’s powerful budget committee and became Senate minority leader last year. She has stayed scandal-free and has built up such a reputation among Democratic circles that she’s been mentioned as a possible 2018 gubernatorial candidate.
Both the Democratic incumbent Jen Shilling and GOP challenger Dan Kapanke whupped weak opponents in their respective primaries.  Shilling, however, kicked butt in the overall vote tallies

9/27/2016 update, " There was a debate last night, a clash occurred.  Rock the casbah!", starts here.

(Highlights added)

9/8/2016 update, Clinton, Trump rock the casbah, clash", starts here.

The verb continues to get a major workout.

PBS News Hour, 9/6/2016

Original 3/20/2016 post, "GOP candidates rock the casbah, clash at debates", start here.

Actually, folks, everybody doin' it.

CLASH.  A workhorse of a verb when it comes to presidential debate headlines!

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