Friday, February 5, 2016

Trump continues to rule in New Hampshire, but his kingdom appears increasingly vulnerable

Trump's run of 1st place finishes in New Hampshire primary polls remains unbroken since he entered the fray in mid-July of last year.

Behinder Carson is tied with Christie at 4% in the 2/2-3 NBC/Wall Street Journal/Maris poll.  Fiorina languishes at 2%.

+/- percentage points change in polling averages since January 23-30:
  • +5.2 | Marco Rubio
  • +1.2 | Ted Cruz
  •  -0.2 | Donald Trump
  •  -0.2 | Ben Carson
  •  -0.6 | Carly Fiorina
  •  -0.8 | John Kasich
  •  -1.0 | Jeb Bush
  •  -1.4 | Chris Christie

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