Sunday, March 16, 2014

Joyce Black Wohlers (1940-2014) Warren High School Class of 1958

Warren Times Observer obituary

Also on the page:

Sylvia Bleech.  In 1958 Warren, and for at least a couple of decades earlier, a "skater" meant someone known for their roller-skating skills.  On the other hand, "carefree" could have meant that Sylvia was something of a slacker.

Mary Bollinger.  I've sometimes wondered if "outside interests" was code for "sexually experienced".  It pops up quite a bit in 1940s and 1950s Dragon yearbooks.

"Joyce" spent 29 years in the top 30 -- from 1928 to 1956.  Best years:  1937 and 1938 at #11.  

In spite of what is posted on YouTube (see #43), the Kalin Twins, one-hit wonders, reached the top 10 around the time the class of '58 graduated.

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