Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Like the Cheese, Barron County Stands Alone

Map credit:  Wikipedia

Barron County Turns Down Staffing Help For ACA, Pays Overtime For Implementation.  (Wisconsin Public Radio News, 9/30/2013)
Excerpt:   Barron County was the only county in Wisconsin to turn down federal and state funding for extra staff to register people for the Affordable Care Act.

Citizens Against Rising Taxes in Barron County Wisconsin.

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Larry St Croix said...

I wish he wasn't named Larry

During those three years odds are excellent that people currently employed will retire, change jobs or move.

Do you think anyone has told him that three years down the road he may not need extra help to explain the program because everyone will know how it works but he will still need people. At that point his county has a pool of trained staff to draw on.

As a business owner, paying time and a half or double time for three years to avoid hiring does not make any sense. It is not a sustainable long term strategy.