Saturday, November 26, 2011

Poynette Library Board President Takes Village Board to Task for Poor Communication

Library board president wants communication with village. (Portage Daily Register, 11/23/2011)

Excerpt: One of the ideas broached, however, is for the village to sell a series of connected downtown buildings that it owns - including the present location of the library - to a developer, who would be the landlord for an expanded, relocated library. That proposal also entailed having the library pay monthly rent to the building's owner; the library now occupies, rent free, a building owned by the village.

Guild, asked whether any developers had expressed interest in acquiring the downtown property, said he was "not prepared to comment."

"The process," he said, "will take as long as it's meant to take."

Since the library has been proposed as the "anchor" tenant for downtown redevelopment, Garske said the village president - Jerry Burke, who was at Monday's meeting - should find a way to improve communication with Library Director Kris Daughterty and the members of the library board.

"I personally find fault with the village board for failure to timely and accurately communicate with the library board, its director and the taxpayers regarding all public information concerning or pertaining to this project since its inception," Garske said.

The library board has appointed a committee from among its members to communicate with village officials on the redevelopment issue

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