Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jane Stadler on Paying Taxes: " is something that you do because you are part of the community"

Stadler: Library funding formula should reflect use.. (Sussex Sun, 11/22/2011)

Excerpt:    She suggested news coverage about the negotiation included "speculation" that "gets some people upset" and makes the private negotiations more difficult.

Stadler was a member of the Town Board when the two communities created the library in 1987 and agreed in 1995 to share in its construction cost. The former town supervisor is a longtime member of the Plan Commission and often has been asked to serve on citizen committees dealing with complex and difficult town issues.

Her comments came in an interview with Lake Country Publications last week before the annual town budget meeting.

"I can see where use could be part of the formula, but not all of the formula," she said.

She said that for the good of both communities, town residents should be willing to contribute to the library even if Sussex residents use the facility the most.

"I pay town and county taxes for roads and snowplowing, but I live on a county road so I don't get any of the benefits of the town road taxes I pay. But it is something that you do because you are part of the community," she said.

She acknowledged "past and present issues between the communities have made it difficult for the town.

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