Friday, November 20, 2009

"Going Rogue" Indexed

Link to November 17 Slate post, "The Going Rogue Index.
Sarah Palin didn't put an index in her book. So we made one for her."

Related story: "The Missing Pages in Sarah Palin's Book" by Samuel P. Jacobs in a November 20 The Daily Beast post.

Excerpt: Sarah Palin’s book hits stores on Tuesday. For Washington’s navel-gazing elite, particularly its Republican branch, the publishing event of the season carries with it a crucial question: Does the former vice-presidential candidate mention you?

It used to be that there was an easy way to find out. All the big names in town would do it: stop by the Georgetown Barnes & Noble or Politics and Prose, stare admiringly at the cover, then furtively flip to the index to make sure your place in the power structure was secure.

But, according to a source at the book’s publishing house, Palin has a surprise for Washington’s self-important set: Going Rogue has no index.

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