Monday, July 4, 2016

Richard Olney (1927-2016) Warren High School Class of 1945

1945 Dragon yearbook

Richard's high-school activities:
Carnival (3); Dragon (4); Dragonette (4); Junior Chamber of  Commerce (2); Stenographers' Club (4).

1967 Warren City Directory

  • [county section] Olney Lucille 1305 E 5th av
  • Olney Richd W (Elaine) supvr State Bur of Employment Security e1303 5th av
  • [county section] Olney William 1305 E 5th av
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Olney D Elaine Mrs emp Score & Skive r1303 E 5th Av
  • [county section] Olney Lucille r1305 E 5th Av Ext
  • Olney Richd W & Elaine; sec-treas Teddy's r1303 E 5th Av

Since the popularity of 'Richard' as a baby name is graphed here, let's take a look at 'Elaine'.

Elaine reached her peak of popularity in 1938 and is currently trying to make a comeback.

Other members of the class of 1945:
Robert Scalise.  (3/21/2016)
Doris Dinsmoor Lyle.  (2/6/2016)
Mary Ann Masterson.  (9/28/2015)
Clara Gelotte Wooster.  (7/19/2015)
Dorothy Smith Bowser.  (6/30/2015)
Charles "Lindy" McConnell.  (2/14/2015)
Ruth Campbell Freeman.  (2/3/2014)
Dixie Eaton Weldon. (1/25/2014)
Dorothy Kavinski Wycoff.  (12/21/2013)
Robert Hammerbeck.  (12/14/2013)

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