Monday, July 22, 2019

Susan Smith Johnson (1950-2019) Warren Area High School class of 1968

1968 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Smith Linda E student r24 Glenwood Street
  • Smith Philip M (Janette C) supervisor United Refinery h24 Glenwood Street
  • Smith Philip M student r24 Glenwood Street
1983 Warren City Directory  

The popularity of Susan as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at stepson Travis.

Travis produced a mediocre track record during the first half of the 20th century, nosing above the 300 line in the 1930.  He found a growing popularity among Baby Boomer parents in the mid-1950s, which was sustained by parents of Gen Xers and Millennials into the mid-1900s.  Gen Z parents have increasingly given Travis a pass.  Overall, he spent 30 years (1970-1999) in the top 100, peaking at #39 in 1981.

Other class of '68 members:
Harry Spackman.  (7/2/2019)
Dennis Falber.  (6/13/2019)
Karen Sidon White.  (4/18/2019)

Kenneth Dunham.  (5/1/2018)
Matt Voigt.  (2/27/2018)
Dean Backstrom.  (2/26/2018)
Michael Curren.  (2/23/2018)
Dennis Brown.  (1/12/2018)

Judy Berdine.  (12/4/2017)
Rose Armogast Filiatrault.  (11/2/2017)
Cathryne Stewart Solock.  (5/11/2017)
Douglas Peterson.  (3/7/2017)

Mary Lou Slack Schumann Hotaling.  (9/17/2015)
William Leonard.  (2/7/2015)

Douglas Coates.  (12/29/2014)
Jennifer Robinault Morell.  (9/6/2014)
Jacquelyn Johnston Malone.  (7/31/2014)
Janet Vavala Smith.  (3/25/2014)

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