Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Get me rewrite. In La Crosse, Foxconn cheerleader Jonathan Delagrave offers Scott Walker BS to skeptical crowd

Reported in In La Crosse, officials tout Foxconn project to skeptical crowd.  (La Crosse Tribune, 9/25 /2018)

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6/24/2018 update "Most voters aren't buying your Foxconn benefits BS", starts here.

Quoted in Walker, Spiros tout Foxconn benefits in Marathon City.  (WSAU, 6/22/2018)

Original 5/8/2018 post, "The fact, Scott Walker, is that companies in 62 Wisconsin counties were not awarded contracts by Foxconn", starts here.

60 different counties??

List of companies found here.

Original 5/7/2018 post,"The facts, Scott Walker, indicate that more than 70% of the Foxconn contracts were awarded to companies in Racine, Milwaukee, and Waukesha counties", starts here.

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