Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UPDATE: Twin-spin, record-setting heat in Adelaide

Average temp. sourceAccuWeather
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Reported at Australia:  Another record heat record in Adeladie.  (Weather Watch New Zealand, 4/25/2018)

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Original 4/16/2018 post, "While you were shoveling snow, Sydney Australia experienced another siege of record heat", starts here.

Source:  Weather averages

Record April heat blamed for bushfires in Sydney.  (The Times, 4/16/20178)

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'Get ready, it's coming': Extraordinary escape as ash rains down on Sydney homes.  (Sydney Morning Herald, 4/16/2018)
Just how "extraordinary" it was can be put into numbers, according to Professor Ross Bradstock, director of the Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfires at the University of Wollongong. 
"On Friday and Saturday ... the fire danger index was approximately 60 (severe). The past maximum for April, since the early 1950s ... was about 40 (very high)," he said.

At some point, climate change must be injected into the energy debate.  (The Canberra Times, 4/16/2018)
With more records since, an update is likely within days. Notable numbers include Australia beat its previous hottest April day by more than 0.6 degrees, with the whole country averaging just a tad under 35 degrees on April 9. 
During the event, Victoria broke its April record for heat and set its 10 hottest April day-time temperatures at various sites. 
For NSW, it was six out of the top 10 hottest April days, including the state's first two readings in April above 40 degrees. 
Sydney not only had its hottest April day with 35.4 degrees on April 9, but backed it up with a trio of days above 30 degrees. The last of the three coincided with the ignition of a dangerous fire that threatened south-western suburbs and the Holsworthy army base.

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