Tuesday, December 18, 2018

UPDATE. Exact Sciences construction progress as viewed from Woodman's parking lot

Photo by Retiring Guy

12/6/2018 update starts here.

View of construction taking place along the Beltline

10/17/2018 update starts here.

1st 2 photos taken on Schroeder Road
Photos and video by Retiring Guy

 Construction entrance at Rayovac Drive

8/8/2018 update starts here.

From Rayovac Drive looking east

From Schroeder Road looking north

From the end of the Forward Drive cul-de-sac

6/24/2018 update, " Exact Sciences construction progress as seen from 3 vantage points", starts here.

From Schroeder Road to where Forward Drive dead-ends at the Beltline

Photos by Retiring Guy

Exact Sciences' construction projects top $300 million.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/28/2018)
The Madison company is putting an addition onto its Cologuard processing lab on Badger Road and is building a new lab, offices and parking at the former site of Spectrum Brands headquarters, just off Schroeder Road. 
It also is expanding facilities at two of the three buildings the company occupies in University Research Park, spokesman J.P. Fielder said.

5/6/2018 update, Exact Sciences construction progress as seen from Schroeder Road", starts here.

All photos by Retiring Guy

On Forward Drive, halfway between the Beltline and Schroeder Road

4/11/2018 update starts here.

3/15/2018 update starts here.

Stopped the 1st video too soon.  Didn't realize there was some demolition going on just ahead.

1/3/2018 update starts here.

Video by Retiring Guy

Exact Sciences unveils more building plans at former Spectrum Brands site.  (Madison.com, 12/23/2017)
Exact is submitting plans to the city to construct a 77,000-square-foot addition onto the existing four-story office building at 1 Exact Lane, formerly 601 Rayovac Drive. The offices used to house the headquarters for consumer products company Spectrum Brands, now in Middleton. 
Exact bought the property in November and is updating the structure, which sat vacant for four years. Exact already has moved several hundred of its call center and administrative employees there. 

Source:  Potter Lawson

Original 11/8/2017 post, "You'll soon see an Exact Science facility from the Beltline", starts here.

 Or from Rayovac Drive, as I filmed it.

Exact Sciences chooses former Spectrum Brands site in Madison for new lab. (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/7/2017)
Exact will build a second laboratory at the site to process its Cologuard DNA-based stool test to screen for colorectal cancer, as the Wisconsin State Journal reported in October. 
The new lab will create 250 jobs “over time,” Exact CEO Kevin Conroy said in an interview.
The company also is remodeling the four-story office building at 601 Rayovac Drive that had housed Spectrum Brands’ headquarters, and it will tear down the aging, adjacent building, at 630 Forward Drive, that had served as Spectrum Brands’ research and development center. A parking ramp will go up in its place.

Source of rendering:  Madison.com

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