Thursday, February 15, 2018

UPDATE. The AR-15, mass killers weapon of choice

Reported in 
Why the AR-15 keeps appearing at America's deadliest mass shootings.  (USA Today, 2/14/2018)

Gun nonsense

12/30/2017 update, "Advocacy group promoting responsible and legal concealed carry wants to put this AR-15 in your hands for free", starts here.

Without a whiff of irony.

Screenshot from a 12/30/2017 email blast

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Why is the AR-15 so lethal.  (The Atlantic, 11/7/2017)
Q:  What is this gun? Why is it the weapon that people who want to kill a lot of other people, in a hurry, mainly choose? 
A:  A little bullet pays off so much in wound ballistics. That is what people who choose these weapons know.

11/6/2017 update, "In light of Sutherland Springs mass shooting, concealed carry advocacy group needs to work on its timing", starts here.

Screenshot of 11/6/2017 email

10/23/2017 update, "Adventures in wordsmithing:  Concealed carry advocacy group has a killer deal for you", starts here

Partial screenshot of 10/23/2017 email

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Original 10/16/2017 post, "Concealed carry advocacy group offers so many choices in gun giveaway drawing", starts here.

(highlight added)

Out of curiosity, I signed up for their emails a while back.   The group, Concealed Nation, professes to promote responsible and legal concealed carry.

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