Friday, January 20, 2017

UPDATE. The fussin', feudin', and finger-pointin' continues in Sauk County

Reported in Sauk County hires new top official amid public calls for board chair to resign. (, 1/19/2017)

1/6/2017 update, "The Sauk County government horror show continues", starts here.

Photo credit:  Baraboo News-Republic

Quoted in Sauk County supervisor, attorney exchange words over man's death.  (, 1/4/2017)
Records show county officials had declared Mueller’s property a public health nuisance nearly two years before to his death. They alleged he didn’t have a working septic system, was dumping human waste, and had an illegal junkyard outside his unpermitted mobile home.
Sauk County Corporation Counsel mission statement.

Original 12/8/2016 post, "Sauk County sends Season's Greetings to its taxpayers with this", starts here.

Sauk County administrator's dismissal to cost $135,000.  (, 12/7/2016)
Fry was selected for the job in March after the county paid a search firm nearly $24,000 to find qualified candidates. Her predecessor, Interim Administrative Coordinator Brentt Michalek, signed a similar deal in June in which he was paid nearly $25,000 to resign.

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