Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee in Micromanaging Mode

Rep. John Spiros (R-Marshfield) reflects the 14-2 majority opinion.

DOA Explains SSIS Procurement Process. (Stevens Point City-Times, 2/16/2013)

Excerpt from a letter written by Wisconsin Department of Administration Communications Director Stephanie Marquis:

In addition to these steps, an independent third-party monitored the entire process and issued an extensive report. Key findings of the report include:
  • The RFP “was drafted to identify the best possible vendor for the job at the best possible price.” 
  •  “…the vendor with the highest total score was the clear winner. The Evaluation Team unanimously recommended that the SSIS contract be awarded to the highest scoring proposer. The vendor recommendation was fair to all vendors, and consistent with the RFP and applicable state law.” 
  • In addition, the selection process included “an exhaustive qualitative review of the proposals submitted against pre-written benchmarks and an objective cost component. Finally, based upon my observations, the Evaluation Committee did not appear to be subject to any outside influence on the selection process.” 

 As a result of the procurement, transparent process, Infinite Campus, a company based in Minnesota, received the Notice of Intent to Award. Once the Notice of Intent letter has been issued, vendors have the opportunity to protest if they feel the contract award was not made in accordance with Wisconsin law. A protest for the SSIS procurement has been received by DPI, and the vendor will be provided a fair opportunity to have their concerns objectively reviewed.

Currently, it's the Wisconsin Department of Governor Scott Walker's Administration.

Wisconsin company to challenge decision on statewide student data system contract. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/2/2013)

And that company is Skyward, based in Stevens Point.

Hmm, contributions to Republican Mark Green in 2006 but, subsequently, nothing for Scott Walker.

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