Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the News: Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board at a Glance

What follows is an outline of the Wisconsin Legislative Council Act Memo on the Government Accountability Board (GAB).

  • 2007 Wisconsin Act 1.
    • Passed by the Assembly 97-2.
    • Passed by the Senate 33-0.
  • Replaces Ethics Board and Elections Board, both created in 1974
  • Responsible for administering the state's  election, campaign financing, ethics, and lobbying laws.

  • Six members who have served as an elected judge of a court of record in Wisconsin.
  • 6-year terms of service.  (Initial appointees served staggered terms)  
  • Action by the GAB requires the affirmative vote of at least four members.

What GAB members may not do
  • Hold another state or local public office
  • Engage in specified partisan political activities
  • Become a candidate for state or local elective office
  • Make political contributions
  • Be a lobbyist or an employee of a person who employs a lobbyist.

Nomination process

GAB Divisions/Duties

GAB in the news

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