Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tennessee Court of Appeals Ruling Pisses Off Republicans

Tenn. appeals voter ID ruling over library card. (SFGate, 10/26/2012)

Excerpt: Tennessee election officials on Friday filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court seeking to overturn a ruling that enabled voters to use photo identification issued by the Memphis Public library at the polls. 

The petition argues that particular ID isn't valid because it wasn't issued by state government. 

On Thursday, the Court of Appeals ruled that the state's new law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls was constitutional, but also said the library card qualified as a government-issued photo ID.

Tennessee Governor:  Bill Haslam (Republican)

Tennessee Senate:  20 Republicans, 13 Democrats.

Tennessee Assembly:  65 Republicans, 35 Democrats.

Oh, and guess what's Tre's political persuasion.

Cutting off free and fair elections at the knees.

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