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Getting to Know Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes: Part 19, Joint Libraries

Statistical source for all of the above: 
Institute of Museum and Library Services, Public Libraries Survey, Fiscal Year 2009

43.53  Joint libraries.

(1)Joint libraries may be created
  • by any 2 or more municipalities or 
  • by a county and one or more municipalities 
located in whole or in part in the county, by appropriate agreement of their governing bodies. Section 43.52 applies to joint libraries.

Sidebar:  Wisconsin examples.  2 or more municipalities.  (A district library in name only.   Legally, a joint library under chapter 43.)

A county and one or more municipalities.

(2) Joint library agreements under sub. (1) shall contain provisions necessary to establish a library board under s. 43.54, including a procedure for adjusting the membership of the board to ensure that it remains representative of the populations of the participating municipalities, as shown by the most recent federal census, under s. 43.54 (1m) (a) 1.; perform the duties under s. 43.58; and own and operate the physical facilities. 

A joint library agreement shall also do all of the following: 

(a) Name one of the participants as the library's fiscal agent, who is responsible for the 
  • payroll, 
  • benefit administration, 
  • insurance, and 
  • financial record keeping and 
  • auditing for the library. 
The participant's costs of providing the services under this paragraph count toward the financial support required of the participant under s. 43.15 (4) (b) 2. 

(b) Include a procedure for the distribution of a joint library's assets and liabilities if the joint library is dissolved. 

Sidebar:  Examples of agreements.

Original Sussex/Lisbon Agreement (Effective date 1/1/1998)

(3) [Proviso]  A joint library may not be established unless it includes at least one municipality with a public library established before May 8, 1990.

1971 Senate Bill 47.  43.56.  Joint library boards.
1985 Wisconsin Act 177.  43.56 is renumbered 43.53 and amended.
1989 Wisconsin Act 286. 43.53 (3) is created.
1995 Wisconsin Act 270. 43.53 (1) is amended.
2005 Wisconsin Act 420.
  • 43.53 (2) is renumbered 43.53 (2) (intro.) and amended .
  • 43.53 (2) (a) and (b) are created.
2011 Wisconsin Act 32.  43.53 (2) (a) is amended.

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