Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wisconsin Manufacturers Struggle to Find Skilled Workers

Help wanted: Even with high unemployment, factories struggle to find skilled labor. (Sheboygan Press, 10/4/2011)

Excerpt: Inside J.L. French's two fast-growing Sheboygan manufacturing plants, company leaders have encountered a confounding problem in a time of persistently high unemployment — finding skilled workers.

The auto-parts company is investing $18 million to upgrade and expand its local operations after signing a major production deal with Ford Motor Co.

But month after month, multiple job openings go unfilled, despite a countywide unemployment rate above 7 percent as of August.

"We've been beating the bushes and promoting our open trades positions for months. We use every opportunity we can think of to promote these jobs," said Tim Kellner, the company's human resources vice president. "It's been quite a challenge."

Throughout Wisconsin, manufacturers are hiring again, but finding a dearth of qualified applicants

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