Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chattanooga's City-Owned Broadband

Pasha Coffee & Tea On Why They Switched To EPB.

Chattanooga Creates Subscriber Testimonials for City Owned Broadband. (Community Broadband Networks, 9/14/2011)

Excerpt: Chattanooga, with the nation's fastest citywide broadband network, offers lessons to many other communities who have built or are building their own networks. Chattanooga is regarded as one of the most successful muni networks in terms of a smooth operation with good advertising and a great back office approach.

They are documenting (with video) the stories of both residents and businesses that have switched to their services from incumbents like AT&T and Comcast (two of the most powerful companies in the US). Below, we include two of our favorites in the series

Sherri Burns Describes Her Experience With Switching To EPB.

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