Monday, April 11, 2011

Georgia: Save Cobb Libraries

Cobb mothers and fathers: Save your public libraries! (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/11/2011)

Excerpt:    I don’t live in Cobb, but I am still extremely offended by this proposal! This just smacks of non-creative thinking. There has got to be other ways to make up this budget shortfall other than closing one of the greatest resources Cobb communities have – their public libraries!

I grew up patronizing a tiny branch of the Gwinnett County Public library. It was in the basement of another building. It smelled a little funny, but it was our library. I loved perusing the aisles and pulling cards from the paper card catalog system (remember those!). I loved the rocking chairs where I could sit and read while my brother found his book. When the county built the Mountain Park branch that still exists today we thought it was the greatest place in the world.

As a family with three kids, we love our public library and have always been very active patrons. We borrow books, movies and music. We play on their computers and have attended many story times, puppet shows and even magic shows. We go at least once a week. The kids have their books queued up on a personal list. (I have a three-page list of books I want to check out.) They have their library cards and they reserve books online. Some kids beg to go for ice cream; my kids beg to go to the library!

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