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USA box office for the 1st weekend of March 2017-2024

USA box office on the first weekend of March 2024 is down 4% compared to last year when "Creed III" was the top-grossing movie.  "Dune: Part Two" was the top-grossing movie for the second weekend in a row.

And it's down 40% compared to the 2017 peak when "Logan" was the top draw.

Source:  Box Office Mojo

Variety 3/3/2024
Buoyed by positive reviews and glowing word-of-mouth (it has a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and “A” CinemaScore), “Dune 2” seems to have expanded its fanbase beyond sci-fi buffs and arrived on the higher end of expectations. Heading into the weekend, Warner Bros., the studio behind the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal 1965 novel, conservatively projected a $65 million start, though most box office prognosticators believed that revenues would surpass $80 million.

Variety, 3/2/2024
It’s a “Dune” boon for the box office. Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment’s “Dune: Part Two” touched down with an impressive $32.1 million gross on opening day from 4,071 locations, a figure that also includes $12 million from Thursday evening and earlier event preview screenings. 
That’s already the biggest opening weekend of the year, surpassing the $28.6 million three-day total of “Bob Marley: One Love.” “Dune: Part Two” has also nearly matched the $41 million debut that its predecessor landed back in October 2021, when Warner Bros. simultaneously launched the film on its streamer (né HBO Max) and the theatrical landscape was still in a state of heavy rebuild as COVID lockdowns eased. Even with those caveats though, that’s a remarkable step-up for a heady, epic-length follow-up.

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