Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chippewa County WI: Public Access Internet Computers (1999-2013) and Print Serial Subscriptions (1996-2013)

2010 population:  62,415

Public libraries in Chippewa County:

This line-graph series is the result of my wondering if there's any pattern to the number of print serial subscriptions held by public libraries in relation to the increasing number of public access Internet computers provided by public libraries since 1999. (Earliest year for which Wisconsin statistics are available.)

Note: The 1996, 1997, 1998 Wisconsin public library annual reports asked for the following information: Libraries with Internet access. (Answered yes or no.) Libraries with electronic services. (Answered yes or no.) In 1999, public libraries reported the number of public access Internet computers for the first time in the annual report.

I have to admit that the pattern shown below, and in the previous print serial subscriptions line graph for Calumet County, is what I was expecting to find during this exercise on a fairly consistent basis.  But then I haven't been directly involved with public library collection development since 2008.

Percentage change in 2013 print serial subscriptions from peak year as shown on line graph: -37.6%. 

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