Monday, June 12, 2017

UPDATE. Jesse Kremer and the company he keeps (The Mike Pence edition)

Reported in VP-Elect Mike Pence Does Not Accept Evolution: Here's Why That Matters.  (Forbes, 11/10/2016)

6/8/2017 update, " Here's another example of what creationist Jesse Kremer considers fake news", starts here.

Found: Guts of 470-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature.  (National Geographic, 2/6/2017)

Original 6/7/2017 post, "You'll never convince Jesse Kremer that fossil remains of Homo sapiens are 300,000 years old", starts here.

Reported in Wisconsin Republican thinks Earth is 6,000 years old.  (, 6/7/2017)

Jesse's right. Other people believe the same thing.  But that doesn't make them right.

Source:  Gallup

Related reading:
Earliest ever Homo sapiens discovered in Morocco forces major rethink of human evolution.  (Newsweek, 6/7/2017)
Sorry, Jesse can't count that high.  At the cave site of Jebel Irhoud, researchers discovered the fossil remains of five individuals dating back 300,000 years. They were found alongside stone tools, animal bones and charcoal, indicating the controlled use of fire. This discovery pushes back the oldest fossil evidence of our own species by 100,000 years—the previous oldest Homo sapiens remains came from Omo Kibish, in Ethiopia, and date to 195,000 years ago.

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